Parish Council

Chairman Anne MacWillson 01787 210335
Vice-Chairman Amanda Flather 01787 210228
  James Oxford 07551 706795  
  Andrew Wade
07881 944260  

Peter Patrick 01787 210346
  Matthew Peck 07867 350375  
  Sue Wigglesworth 01787 210029 email
Parish Clerk Dave Crimmin
Sudbury Road
CO10 0QH
Can be contacted at any
reasonable time during
the day or evening
Monday to Friday
Bank Holidays excepted
on 01787 375085
Babergh District
John Ward
01787 210551 email
Suffolk County
Gordon Jones    01206 263072 email

2017 Polstead Parish Council Meetings
Jan 19th - PPC Meeting
Feb 16th - PPC Meeting
March 16th - PPC Meeting
April 6th - Annual Parish Meeting
20th - PPC Meeting
May 18th - Annual Meeting of PPC
June 15th - PPC Meeting
July 20th - PPC Meeting
August 22nd (Tuesday) - Provisional PPC Meeting
September 28th - PPC Meeting
October 19th - PPC Meeting
November 16th - PPC Meeting
December 14th - Provisional PPC Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Thursday 6th April 2017

All meetings will be held in Polstead Village Hall starting at 7.30pm

Polstead Parish Council adopted the General Power of Competence at its meeting on the 21st May 2015.

Polstead Local Housing Needs Survey

Polstead Conservation Area Appraisal

Consultation On Local Referendums To Veto Excessive Council Tax Increases Polstead Parish Council Response

The New Village Shelter - Grandly Opened!