Polstead WI Meeting July 2017

We enjoyed an excellent talk given by Jenny Gibbs titled “Story of Silk and Pashmina”.  Jenny told us how at the age of 50 and having been made redundant from her job, decided on a whim to fly to Turkey and caught the first bus that came along which took her to a small village, where she found work in a Guest House. 

Pashmina, Jenny told us, is a fine type of wool from goats that live high up in the Himalayas.  The name comes from Persian meaning “made from wool” and translates to “Soft Gold”. The wool is very strong. Silk was first used back in China and there are many legends how it was discovered.  Silkworms are the offspring of moths and feed on mulberry trees and weave their cocoons from silk glands located under their body.  Both Pashmina and Silk are woven into beautiful scarves and shawls. 

Theatre trips are planned to Ipswich Regent in October and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Panto in January.

Please contact Carmel Evans on 01787 210865  or  email for more information

By Polstead on October 15th, 2017