Polstead Community Shop Awards

Awards 2011

Over the years, when possible, the Shop has been able to offer grants to several local organizations, including: The Village Hall, the Mothers & Toddlers Group and Polstead Projects.

This will continue in the future if funds allow.

Rules for Applicants

The Polstead Community Shop Constitution states that any surpluses generated by the Shop will be invested in the business towards its growth, renovation or for general improvements in its service to the village. Any further surplus is to be put back into the community to help community groups or projects. It will form a resource to assist with their start-up, development or to fund specific projects.
  1. The scheme is called the POLSTEAD COMMUNITY SHOP AWARDS.
  2. The amount of money to be made available as a budget for the awards will be decided at the end of each financial year. It will be based on that year’s trading surplus, if any. This amount will either be distributed to award winners, or invested to provide future funding for community groups or projects.
  3. Eligibility. Any Polstead-based group will be eligible to apply for an award, so long as the group is non-profit making and provides a benefit to the community or a part of the community. The award is not designed to replace statutory funding.
  4. Purpose. There is no restriction on the purpose of the application. It can benefit any section of the community, or the environment, or our heritage, or the general amenities in which we all live. However, the award must benefit the parish or inhabitants of Polstead.
  5. Applications are welcomed from any community group or for any project. The application should be made to the Treasurer before the end of the financial year (31 March).
  6. Application Form. Applications should be made on an official application form available from the Polstead Community Shop Secretary, Mike Constance telephone 01787211302.
  7. The annual award. At the end of the financial year, and if funds are available, the Management Committee [Board of Directors] will consider the relative merits of each application and will make awards based on the benefits each application brings to the community. If funds permit, there may be more than one award in any one year. If in any year there are no applications, or none of sufficient community merit for an award, the award budget will be invested and rolled over into the following financial year.
  8. Repeat awards. Any community group can apply for any project whether or not they have previously been given an award. A new application form will be needed for each application.
  9. Award winners will be announced at the Polstead Community Shop AGM, on the Shop website, the notice boards in the Shop and the Village Hall, and in the Community News.

Polstead Community Shop CIC is a company limited by guarantee,
registered in England under Company Number 7461050
Its registered office is: The Green, Polstead, Colchester, CO6 5AL Tel: 07833 206797