Cherry Tree Planting

Polstead Parish Council would like to thank all those involved with the donation of several Polstead Black cherry trees to the village. They were offered to the council by Polstead tree warden Jim Marshall and originated as cuttings from a mature tree of Julian and Joan Coulson so they haven’t travelled far. They were grafted onto dwarfing rootstock 2 years ago by Ivan Dickings, a retired chief propagator at Notcutts Nurseries, and will reach a height of approximately 15 feet so shouldn’t become too large and unmanageable. Planting was completed by Jim Marshall and partner Sarah Cook, and me on 25th February 2008.

Planting locations were selected where the trees can be seen by all and to areas with public access whenever possible. Locations include: on the village green (near the hall); at the entrance to the churchyard and at the corner of Rockalls Road (near playground).

An additional tree has been planted at Cherry Wood (the Stoke by Nayland, Polstead and Leavenheath community woodland) and further trees have been earmarked for Whitestreet Green and Polstead Heath when suitable locations have been agreed.

In addition to those mentioned above thanks are due to landholders Alan and Susan Keeble, Toby Owles, the Cherry Wood steering group, and Babergh District Council for their permission to plant in the selected locations.

One minor setback was that several of the wooden stakes we used to support the trees proved irresistible to some youngsters and were pulled out within days, although it should be noted that the trees were left undamaged. However, the tree on the green appears to have been accidentally parked on or run over soon afterwards. Its replacement has been safeguarded with metal stakes and marked with high-visibility tape - but we aim to replace these with a more aesthetic arrangement in the near future.

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